Fashion and Portraiture
Decent Exposure Photographics has been involved in Fashion Photography and Portraiture is the companys beginning. It has provided the backbone of work for the business and Michael Overacker. Below are some examples of the photographic work of Michael Overacker in these fields over the past several years.

All Photographs are Copyright of Michael Overacker / Decent Exposure Photographics.

The above photos are of Laura. The above left is shot in a studio with a back highlight on the rose. The above right was a relaxed pose on a white background.
The Images above are of Debbie. I worked with Debbie and she allowed me the opportunity to photograph her on several occasions. I lost all of the color images of her in the "Flood of '85" when my studio and all of its contents were destroyed, but I found these B&W negatives in a box in my residence. Debbie is a good friend, and is as beautiful inside as she obviously is outside.
The Above Left Image was shot for a local Fashion Apparel shop. The background exposure was intentionally increased to give a raw edge to the photograph. Above Right is another Laura with a pleasant portrait.
Above Left is Teri. She is one of the best and most beautiful petite models I have ever worked with. Above Right is Rhonda. Rhonda was a client and this is the results of an excellent and fun shooting session.
Above Left is Pam. She was a Hairdresser up the road from my studio. She finally came in for a shoot. Above Right is an example that not all portraits are human. This is Sidney. A great cat with a greater face.

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